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INFiLED products banner

INFiBanner Series

Rental Indoor

Dimensions:480x50mm, 960x50mm, 1440x50mm
Pixel Pitch: 5mm
Applications:  company building, stations, airports , museums, shopping malls and other places

Key Features:

● Creative Shapes
● Elegant Design
● Content Segmentation
● Flexible Installation
● High Protection
● Multiple Dimensions
INFiLED INFiBanner Level Parameter Diagram

GX-MV Series

Fixed Outdoor
durability and ease of installation.
Dimension: 500 x 250mm
Pixel Pitch: 10.41mm
Application: City squares, commercial pedestrian streets and various transportation hubs and other places
Key Features:
● Stronger System Framework
● Lighter Cabinet Weight
● Smaller Cabinet Thickness
● Multiple Panel Dimensions
● Global Display Monitoring System


Lightware Legend Solutions
Dimensions: 640x720x116mm
Pixel Pitch: 4.4mm, 5mm, 5.71mm, 6.67mm, 8mm, 10mm, 13.33mm, 16mm, 20mm
Applications: meeting rooms, activity centers, clubs, business centers, digital billboards, advertising billboards, shopping park and etc.
Key Features:
● Seamless screen building
● Rolling fast lock for fast assembly
● Easy maintenance (Front And Rear Service)
● IP65 front and IP54 rear
● Support different screen ratios


GX-GMG Series

Fixed Outdoor
Grand Media Green Solutions
Dimensions: 768x1,152x115mm
Pixel Pitch: 6mm, 8mm, 10.66mm, 12mm, 16mm
Applications: meeting rooms, activity centers, clubs, business centers, digital billboards, advertising billboards, shopping malls.
Key Features:
● Green and energy saving
● Power redundancy
● No fan design
● Monitoring system
● Hidden cables for simple and elegant looking


GX-AM Series

Air Mesh Solutions
Dimensions: 1,200x1,200x58mm
Pixel Pitch: 9.375mm
Applications: stage performance, activity centers, clubs, exhibition, stores, shopping park and etc.
Key Features:
● High Transparency
● Lightweight and thin
● Great protection
● Easy Installation

GX-TT8 Series

Creative Solutions
Dimensions: 290.8×290.8×290.8mm, 281.8×281.8×281.8mm
Pixel Pitch: 8.96mm
Applications: stage performance, launch party, show room, exhibition, museum, activity center, public square, shopping mall, stadium

Key Features:
● Equilateral Triangle Matrix
● Multi-Angle Adjustment From -90°to +90°
● Water Proof IP65 For Indoor And Outdoor Use
● Multi-Special Shaped Display Combination


GX Series

Dimensions: 500x1000x75mm
Pixel Pitch: 1.9mm, 2.5mm, 2.9mm, 3.9mm, 4.6mm, 4.8mm, 5.9mm
Applications: stage performance, launch party, show room, exhibition…
Key Features:
● Die cast aluminum and aluminum
● Separate power and control unit
● Circular tubular assembly design
● Front and rear maintenance available
● Half panel available
● One-module-version design for easy store and backup
● Curve screen optional
● Energy conservation IC and 4.5V power
● Climbing system optional


GX-WP Series

Ultra-Thin Wallpaper High Definition Solutions
Dimensions: 600x337.5x29.5mm
Pixel Pitch: 0.9375mm, 1.25mm, 1.5625mm, 1.875mm, 2.34mm, 2.5mm, 3.125mm
Applications: command and control center, broadcasting, conference room, function room, education, retail, home cinema, gaming, transportation.
Key Features:
Narrow pixel pitch and 16:9 screen ratio support to build 2K and 4K screen easily
Ultra-thin with less than 30mm edge thickness
Easily installed closely to the wall
Front maintenance with magnetic suction tool 
Run independently when it is off-line
Corner screen building optional
Portable screen solution for flexible usage


GX-SF Series


Soft Flexible Solutions
Dimensions: 320×160mm
Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm, 4mm, 6.67mm, 10mm
Applications: stage performance, launch party, show room, exhibition, museum, activity center, shopping mall, stadium
Key Features:
● Convex & Concave Flexible Solution
● Screws Free & Magnetic Cylinder Installation
● Front Maintenance
● Refresh Rate Up To 3840Hz 
● Stacking & Hanging Installation Optional


GX-HD Series

Fixed  Indoor

High Definition Solutions

Dimensions: 400×450×99mm
Pixel Pitch: 1.25mm, 1.5625mm
Applications: broadcasting, command & control center, security monitor, meetings

Key Features:

● Perfect High Definition Display Performance
● Power And Signal Redundancy
● Easy Maintenance
● Easy To Reach Different Screen Ratios



GX-DF Series

Interactive Dance Floor Solutions
Dimensions: 500×500×85mm
Pixel Pitch: 5.95mm, 7.81mm
Applications: stage performance, launch party, show room, exhibition, museum, activity center

Key Features:
● Magnetic LED Modules For Easy Maintenance
● Matte Anti-Slip And Anti-Reflective Surface
● Touch Screen For Interactive Display 
● Able To Carry A Load of 625kg Per Cabinet
● Easy And Ultra-Fast To Build A Screen


GX-X Series

Rental Indoor

Perfect Wave Screen Solutions

Dimensions: 500×500×84mm
Pixel Pitch: 2.97mm, 3.91mm, 6.25mm
Applications: stage performance, public square, shopping mall, stadium, hotel…

Key Features:
● Faster And Easier To Build
● Separate Control Unit
● Allow For Perfect Smooth Curves
● Flat Panel And Corner Panel Optional
● 2mm&3mm&6mm Available



Creative Solutions
Dimensions: 40×40mm
Pixel Pitch: 10mm
Applications: stage performance, launch party, show room, exhibition, museum, activity center, shopping mall, stadium

Key Features:
● Varied Solutions For Creative Shapes
● Multi-Angle Assembly And Connection
● High Contrast And Excellent Flatness
● IP65 Front And Rear


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